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The MXL4 is a high performance multi-frequency Precision Pipe & Cable Locator. In-built Data Logging as standard. Bluetooth™ connectivity and GPS tracking options available. Designed for use with an MXT4 Multi Frequency Transmitter.

• Power Mode
• Radio Mode
• Transmitter Mode:
• Simultaneous 33+131kHz signal detection for utility avoidance
• 33kHz signal detection for all purpose tracing and utility avoidance
• 131kHz for optimum detection of short length, small diameter or unearthed cables
• 8kHz signal detection for tracing over longer distances
• Ultra low 512Hz signal detection for specialist tracing
• Ultra low 640Hz signal detection for specialist tracing
• All Scan Mode
• Accurate Depth Indication
• Signal Current Measurement
• Overload Protection
• Alarm ZoneTM
• Peak Hold
• Dynamic Swing Sensor
• Automatic Daily Self Test
• Data Logging of all Locator activity
• Data Transfer by USB (BluetoothTM option)
• In-Build GPS position logging (optional)
• Connectivity to Survey level GPS products (option)
• High resolution Liquid Crystal Display
• No periodic Calibration required
• Product Validation Certificate available

The MXL4 Multi Frequency Locator is available in two model types:
• MXL4-D Precision Locator
• The C.Scope MXL4-D is a high performance digital multi-frequency Precision Pipe & Cable Locator with in-built Data Logging.
• MXL4-DBG Precision Locator
• The C.Scope MXL4-DBG is a high performance digital multi-frequency Precision Pipe & Cable Locator with in-built Data Logging, Bluetooth™ connectivity and GPS tracking.

Both these products are designed for use with an MXT4 Multi Frequency Transmitter.

• On/Off Switch: Spring loaded trigger switch under handle
• Function Select Switch (FOUR position): P. Power Mode; R. Radio Mode; T. Transmitter Mode; A. AllScan Mode
• Sensitivity Control
• Depth Measurement Button. Push button for live display of depth
• Current Measurement Button. Pushbutton for live display of Transmitter current
• Frequency Select Button. Pushbutton for Transmitter Mode frequency selection

Audio Indication
• Removable and user replaceable loudspeaker module

Visual Indication
• Multi-segment Liquid Crystal Display indicating:

• Signal Strength
• Mode selected
• AlarmZone™
• Battery Condition
• Self Test Indicator
• In Transmitter Mode, Frequency selected; Depth Measurement; Signal Current Measurement
• GPS signal detected (MXL4-DBG only)
• Bluetooth™ activated (MXL4-DBG only)

Data Logging
• Internal capacity for storing over 12months of data (in normal use) logged once per second. Data logged includes:

• Time/Date
• Mode Sensitivity Level
• Received Signal Level
• Frequency Depth
• Signal Current Measurement
• Self Test Result
• Swing Indicator
• GPS position (MXL4-DBG only)

• Bluetooth™: Bluetooth 2.1
• Data Connector: Standard USB Mini B connector in battery compartment. USB 2.0 Compatible
• Self Test: Automatic Daily Self Test
• Swing Indicator: Audio beep to indicate incorrect use of the Locator
• Transmitter Mode Frequencies: Simultaneous 131,072Hz and 32,768Hz; 131,072Hz, 32,768Hz; 8,192Hz; 640 and 512Hz
• Construction: Case moulded from high impact plastic. Designed to withstand 1m (3’3”) drop onto a hard surface
• Weight (including batteries): 2.65kg (5lb 13oz)
• Dimensions: 720mm x 280mm x 65mm (28.3” x 11” x 2.5”)

• Locate Accuracy: better than 10% of depth
• Depth Accuracy: ±5% @ 1m (3’3”)
• Line Depth Measurement Range: 0.1m to 9.99m (4” to 32’)
• Line Depth Resolution: 0.1m (0.4”)
• Sonde Depth Measurement Range: 0.1m to 9.99m (4” to 32’) depending on Sonde type
• Sonde Depth Resolution: 0.1m (0.4”)
• Current Measurement: 0.01mA to 100mA

• Battery Type: Internal 8 x ‘AA’ (LR6) cells (either alkaline non-rechargeable or NiMH rechargeable)
• Battery Life: 40 hours intermittent use at 20ºC (68ºF) using alkaline cells
• IP Rating: 65

Performance figures stated can be affected by site parameters such as ground conditions, temperature, and strong electromagnetic fields. Specification may be subject to change. All C.Scope Locators are in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Council Directive 2014/30/EU (EMC). Compliance has been demonstrated by testing representative samples to the relevant harmonised standards. All C.Scope Locators comply with the essential requirements and other provisions of Council Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS).

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