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Va reamintim ca primiti transport gratuit pentru comenzile in valoare de minim 300 Lei! Acest beneficiu este valabil, exclusiv, pentru comenzile din site.

   Transportul este setat implicit prin GLS Courier. Pentru mai multe informatii, consultati pagina "Detalii Livrare". Pentru cereri de oferte, personalizate, va rugam sa folositi mijloacele de contact, prezentate mai sus.

   Comenzile cu ridicare din magazin, plasate intre orele 8:00 si 0:00 se pot ridica a doua zi, dupa ora 15:00. Comenzile plasate intre orele 0:00 si 8:00 se pot ridica in aceeasi zi, dupa ora ora 15:00. La ridicarea comenzilor din magazin este necesar sa comunicati nr. de comanda.

Valabilitatea comenzilor cu ridicare din magazin este de 5 zile lucratoare! Dupa aceasta perioada, acestea se vor anula, in mod automat.  

The CS4MXi operates on the famed C.Scope 17kHz frequency operating system developed by C.Scope together with detector enthusiasts specifically for European and UK soil and mineralisation types.

• WEIGHT 1.45 kg including batteries
• MODE Motion
• On/Off Sensitivity
• Two channel discrimination adjustable settings
• Default Auto Ground Balance setting
• Manual adjustable Ground Balance setting
• Pinpoint switch.
• POWER 8 Alkaline 1.5 volt AA or rechargeable NiMH pack.
• Battery life approximately 50 hours.
• Waterproof sealed battery compartment with easy fit large knurled nut locking.
     – 8” (20cm) concentric - available as OPTION
     – 8 x 11” (20 x 28cm) elliptical 2D - supplied as STANDARD
     – 11 x 14” (28 x 34cm) elliptical 2D - available as OPTION
• CONTROL BOX in rugged pressure tested ABS moulding. Hipmount facility.
• TWO PART STEM with cam knurled nut locking and hole and pin alignment and length adjustment. GRP lower stem with ultra strong bolt to the search head.