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he Heatmiser neoKit 1 includes a neoStat and neoHub, allowing you to take control of your heating from anywhere.

Upgrading your system is as easy as swapping your existing thermostat to the new neoStat and plugging the neoHub into your router. Control of your heating system is then possible from your iOS, Android or Windpws Phone.

Neo is mesh based, automatically routing the communication data around your home via other neoStats. The neohub communicates with the Heatmiser Cloud server which means no technical computer knowledge or fixed IP address are required.

System Features
• Geo-Location Facility Using your mobile phone position, Neo will automatically turn the heating off in your home when the last person has left and back on again when the first person is on their way home.  Read more about this all new feature here.
• Apple Watch Compatible - Control your Heating from your Apple Watch
• UK/Euro/Australian Adaptor Included
• Flexible Programming: Your neoStat can be setup to work in 5/2 day, 7 day or 24 hour mode. 5/2 is ideal for those with different weekday/weekend schedules. 7 day is great for those with different schedules each day and 24 hour mode offers the same settings for every day - so perfect for those at home most days.
• Comfortable Temperature:  4 Comfort levels per day, so you can for example have your home warm when you wake, a little lower whilst you are out at work, warmer in the evening whilst you relax and reduced further throughout the night whilst you sleep.
• Easy Away - Turning your heating off shouldn't be difficult - if it is, you are less likely to do it. The easy Away feature in Neo allows you to switch your home heating off from anywhere. Even in Away mode, we have your home covered providing frost protection in your home.
• Convenient Profiles - Re-programming your comfort levels as and when your schedule changes is a thing of the past. A profile is a set of comfort levels that you can activate at any time from the app.
• Always Updated - Your neoHub will automatically download Feature enhancements and bug fixes, automatically updating all of your neoStats.
• Clock Sync - Your neoHub will obtain the time from the internet and will automatically correct your neoStats based on your location.
• Open API - The open API allows third party developers to integrate with the Heatmiser neoHub. 

• neoStat: The neoStat is mains powered, so at least 3 wires excluding the earth are required at your thermostat position. Swapping your existing thermostat to the neoStat
• neoHub: The neoHub requires a DHCP compatible broadband router.
• SmartPhone App: You will need an iOS8+, Android 4+ or Windows Phone 8+ *
*Our WindowsPhone Support is transitioning to Windows 10 from Q3 2016

Other details:
- Programmable Model: Yes
- Temperature Control: Yes
- Electric Heating: No
- Remote Sensing: Yes
- Hot Water Control: No
- Geo Location Feature: Yes
- Mesh Networking: Yes

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