RELEU 12 V/2A 2xU 1028R SMD


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SMD Relay DPDT 2A 12V 1028R

• Very small dimensions and weight
• TQ2SA_: SMD, Low Profile
• High sensitivity: 140mW
• Surge withstand between contact and coil: 2500V
• Breakdown voltage between coil and contacts 1,500 V
• High contact reliability through the use of gold-clad twin crossbar contacts

Technical Specifications
• Contact:    DPDT
• Contact Material: Ag + Au clad
• Max. Switching Current: 2A
• Max. Switching Voltage: 220V DC/125V AC
• Max. Switching Power: 62,5VA/60W
• Min. Insulation Resistance.: 1.000MOhm
• Operate/Release Time: 4/4ms
Testing Voltage TQ2SA_
• Coil/Contact (1 min.): 1.500V AC
• Contact/Contact (1 min.): 1000V AC
Min. Lifetime
• Mechanical: 100x10^6 Operations
• Electrical 1): 2x10^5 Operations
• Operating Temperature: -40...+85°C
• Weight Approx.: 2g

Coil Data
• Rated Voltage: 12V DC
• Operate Voltage: 9V
• Release Voltage: 1.2V
• Rated Current: 11.7mA
• Rated Power: 140mW
• Coil Resistance: 1.028Ohm
All Specifications Measured at 20°C

Denumire / cod producator: Panasonic TQ2SA-12V
Sarcina admisibila [DC]1A /30V DC
Sarcina admisibila [AC]0,5A / 125V AC
Temperatura de lucru [°C]- 40...85
Tensiune nominala bobina12V DC
Tip contacteDPDT
Curent max. contacte [A]2
Tensiune max. comutata220V DC
Tip releuminiatura